This ad for a series of vampires ignites at the first rays of the sun

In order to talk about the brand new series The Passage the Brazil, BETC / Havas and Fox have devised an amazing ploy for their posters that, like vampires, catch fire in the sun. Like Burger King who, it is recalled, had burned competing ads in augmented reality, here is a clever way to take advantage ofenvironment and nature to convey his message.

Having resisted only one night, these ephemeral posters were placed in the streets of São Paulo, to promote the first season of the new series "The Passage". At dawn, with the very first rays of the sun, the posters were carbonized in just a few seconds, as would be the case with ... a vampire. Moreover, the creative director of BETC / Havas, Andrea Siqueira, emphasizes:

The posters were not just placed outdoors, they used the outside environment to spread a message.

Of course, in order not to burn residents and other passersby, the posters were protected in plastic boxes. And for the curious ones who would like to know: The Passage tells the story of the "Noah Project", which aims to analyze a virus capable of treating all diseases, but also to turn humans into creatures close to vampires.

In any case, we can really say that it is a very innovative way to use the external environment to its advantage! A trick that has been made possible thanks to the use of a highly flammable, based on potassium permanganate, andsulfuric acid. Exposed to the sun, the mixture catches fire almost immediately. A ploy smart and consistent, for a communication at the top. Good game !

Credits : BETC / Havas

Credits: BETC / Havas

Credits: BETC / Havas

Credits: BETC / Havas

Imagined by: BETC / Havas (Brazil) and FOX

Video: The Vampire Poster (December 2019).